Welcome to Bishop’s Waltham in Bloom

Desperately needed RAIN!
We expect to water the hanging baskets and the planters within the centre of Bishop’s Waltham on a daily basis throughout the summer and we employ two local guys to do this early each morning.  They are doing an excellent job But we have never before needed to water the flower beds on a weekly basis.  This is proving to be a very time consuming task that we are undertaking once a week.  Each  bed on the Old Station Roundabout needs 1000 litres of water and that has to be transported in  the special water taken inside our van.  The tank only holds 1000 litres so that means 5 trips.  It takes 20 minutes to fill the tank each time and as long to discharge the water onto the beds.  We are able to water the flower beds along the palace walls and near the bus stop with a hose attached to a nearby fire hydrant. 

Our wildflower displays
are not as good this year as we had hoped, partly due to the exceptional lack of rain and also due to  man-made problems with both the Hoe Road roundabout and Tangier Lane.  Due to a misunderstanding the  Hoe Road roundabout, which had been seeded with a mix of annual and perennial seeds last year, was treated with weedkiller in early April! This meant that any spring germination would have been killed off and only later germination would have taken place.  We did re-seed the area but much later than we should have done.   We have enjoyed some pretty yellow (Cambrian?) poppies and more recently a few cornflowers and vipers bugloss. There should be more to come when we have rain, but it’s been hugely disappointing, not only for us and the passers-by, but also for the Bishops Waltham Society who sponsor it.
Then there was more bad news in early June – Winchester City Council’s contractors, who mow the verges and grassy areas, duly mowed over the wildflower area at the top of Tangier
Lane, after the seeds had germinated. The company that supplied the seed advised us there was no point in re-sowing (by then, too late for germination).  There are now a few cornflowers and poppies appearing and some white flowers too.  But nothing merits a photograph at the moment. However it’s another blow for us and its sponsor, unfortunately Bishops Waltham Society again.
Meanwhile, the experiment with perennial wildflowers on the Old Station Roundabout
continues – different seed companies, different seed mixes – but currently at a snail’s pace
because of the lack of rain. Even the best gardeners on the team have been finding it very
difficult to distinguish between desirable wild flowers and undesirable weeds. A few flowers are beginning to appear but some rain would help them along…..

Weeders wanted
The flower beds along the Palace Walls and the Old Station Roundabout were planted on the Spring Bank holiday weekend by a small group of supporters of BW in Bloom.

Just like your garden the flower beds need to be weeded and dead headed throughout the summer and early autumn.  We are looking for volunteers who will adopt a flower bed for the next few months to keep it looking attractive for both residents and visitors alike.  The beds along the Palace Walls are not too large and you can work there whenever you have some spare time.

Interested?  Please e-mail Jane to find out more:        jane.carpenter.21@btinternet.com

We will supply you with a fluorescent jacket to ensure that you are visible to traffic while working.

Floral competition now closed
judging will take place on Wednesday 18th July and the results will be announced at our Prize Giving and Barbecue on Sunday 19th August.
I am sure all entrants will be busy deadheading, weeding and most importantly watering to make sure their gardens, baskets and streets are looking at their best



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