Sunday 30th June

Over 650 visitors wandered around Bishop’s Waltham to look behind those anonymous garden gates. The gardens varied so much, from tiny courtyards to large open spaces; attached to new build houses and to medieval ones; recently established to ones that have been planted for hundreds of years.  Many had bright flowers, shrubs, climbers, open spaces, seats to rest on, shade, sunny spots.
A huge thank you must go to the 12 gardens who opened their gates from 11.00 – 5.00.

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Annual Floral Competition
Prizes will be awarded on Sunday 11th August
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All competition entrants are invited to our annual barbecue on Sunday 11th August at the Cricket Ground in Albany Road.  Once this has taken place we will announce the winners here, along with a gallery of photos.
The barbecue is also to say thank you to all the people who have helped and supported us over the past year.  We could not make Bishop’s Waltham so attractive  without the support of many people.

Hanging baskets in Red Lion Street

These have all been planted by youth groups within Bishop’s Waltham.  These are entered into the competition too with prizes being awarded before the end of the school term.
The winning entries are
1st       Basket 4        Bat’s Class, BW Infant School
2nd                   2         Cubs, Diamond Pack
3rd                  20        Scouts, Gunners Troup
Highly Commended      Basket 15     Guides

A list of which group has planted which basket can be seen in our noticeboard.  We hope that you will have the opportunity to admire them during the summer.

Hanging baskets and planters

These are now adorning the centre of Bishop’s Waltham and are watered early each morning.  Each one is sponsored by a local business or an individual. A full list of sponsors for this year will appear shortly.  There is also a list in our dedicated noticeboard in Red Lion Street.

Wild Flowers

All the areas we have planted with wild flowers are in full bloom. Hoe Road Roundabout in particular is looking very colourful with tall spikes of yellow and blue.
All areas change rapidly depending on how much sun and rain they receive and a little careful management on our part, when tall plants obscure the pretty colourful ones from view.
Click HERE to see a gallery of the flowers in May.
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Click HERE to see the flowers on Hoe Road Roundabout in July.
Hoe Road Roundabout and its wild flowers are sponsored by Bishop’s Waltham Society.
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