POP UP SHOP  Sunday 22nd September
Hazel’s Florists, High Street, Bishop’s Waltham

on Sunday 22nd September, world car free day, we opened a pop up shop in Hazel’s Florists.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is YB28-943x1024.jpg
The shop had closed as a florist in May and so the premises were empty, an ideal place for us to use.
Many of our yarn bombing creatures now have new homes and can be aappreciated by people old and young. 
We also had a sale table which included some bird boxes made for us by the Men’s Shed using wood from the original shop.
There were some free children’s activities, the most popular being make your own gift tags.
Thank you to everyone who came, mainly in the afternoon and helped us raise £130 towards out running costs.

Annual Floral Competition
Prizes awarded at our BBQ on Sunday 11th August
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All competition entrants were invited to our annual barbecue on Sunday 11th August at the Cricket Ground in Albany Road.
First prize winners in each category were presented with an engraved shield.  All winners were awarded with a certificate and a window stickers.
To see the winners in each category CLICK HERE

Click HERE to see a gallery of the winners of the Annual Floral Competition.
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The barbecue is also to say thank you to all the people who have helped and supported us over the past year.  We could not make Bishop’s Waltham so attractive  without the support of many people.

Hanging baskets in Red Lion Street

These have all been planted by youth groups within Bishop’s Waltham.  These are entered into the competition too with prizes being awarded before the end of the school term.
The winning entries are
1st     4       Bat’s Class: BW Infant School
2nd    2      Cubs:            Diamond Pack
3rd    20     Scouts:        Gunners Troup
HC     15     Guides

Click HERE to see a gallery of the winners of the youth groups’ competition.

The baskets are continuing to look absolutely beautiful, we do hope you get a chance to appreciate them. 

Hanging baskets and planters

These are now adorning the centre of Bishop’s Waltham and are watered early each morning.  Each one is sponsored by a local business or an individual.
For a full list of sponsors for this year CLICK HERE .
The baskets will continue to be watered until mid-October, perhaps longer, as they are looking so good.  We will not remove either the baskets or planters until the flowers fade or are battered by the weather.  The memorial flower towers in Red Lion Street and in Bank Street will hopefully continue flowering for many more weeks.

Wild Flowers

Our wild flower areas are looking quite sad at the moment.  Wild carrot dominated both our Tangier Lane area and Hoe Road roundabout, to such an extent that we had to strim both areas.  This was earlier than we would normally have done.  The swathes on Old Station Roundabout have had a variety of flowers at different times.
We will now begin to assess the success or otherwise of our experiments and decide on the way forward.
Click HERE to see a gallery of the flowers in May.
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Click HERE to see the flowers on Hoe Road Roundabout in July.
Hoe Road Roundabout and its wild flowers are sponsored by Bishop’s Waltham Society.
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