2019 Competition winners

The winners in each category were
Most Florally attractive street 
1st       Southfield  Close
2nd     Montague Rd 
3rd      Brook Street 
Part Street 
1st       Upper Basingwell St 
2nd     Garfield Rd  Aranly, Tauralibra and Elwood 
Best Floral Display
1st       6 Montague  Rd 
2nd     5  Southfield Close 
3rd      Tennay Cottage Upper Basingwell St 
HC      8 Godfrey Pink Way 
Best Container 
1st       19 Southfield Close 
2nd     8 Godfrey Pink Way 
3rd      Tennay  Basingwell Street
HC      Stainers Bakery The Avenue
Best Display at commercial premises 
1st       Barleycorn Inn 
2nd     The Crown Inn 
3rd      Banks Bar Bistro 
Best Container  at Commercial Premises
1st       The Crown Inn 
2nd     Banks Bar Bistro 
3rd      Barleycorn Inn

Judges Special Award
The Barleycorn Inn for garden seen from car park.

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