Annual Floral Competition 2021

The competition was judged by photographic entry again this year. We are very grateful to our judges, Paul and Hazel Woodman for their efforts. Both acknowledged that it is not easy to judge gardens and streets by photographs alone.
The winners in each category were:

Category A     Most florally attractive street                       
1st            Montague Road

Category B    Most florally attractive part street                                
1st            Garfield Road – Elwood, Arnaly, Taurlibra
2nd           Upper Basingwell Street   

Category C    Best floral display at private premises                 
1st            6 Montague Road
2nd              19 Southfield Close
3rd           Malbank Cottage, Bank Street
HC          13 Cherry Gardens

Category D    Best basket or container at private premises          
1st            17  Southfield Close
2nd           Taurlibra, Garfield Road 
3rd           Tennay,  Upper Basingwell Street

Category E   Best floral display at commercial premises     
1st            The Village Garage

Category F   Best hanging basket at commercial premises     
1st            The Village Garage
2nd           Studio 4

For a gallery of the winning gardens PLEASE CLICK HERE