Annual Floral Competition Winners 2018

Most florally attractive street
1st          Southfield Close
2nd         Montague Road
3rd          St Peter’s Street

Most florally attractive part street
1st          Upper Basingwell Street
2nd        Garfield Road

Most attractive floral display at a private house
1st          Stainers Bakery
2nd         10 St Bonnet’s Drive
3rd          5 Southfield Close

Most attractive hanging basket at a private house
1st          10a Upper Basingwell Street
2nd         Stainers Bakery
3rd          19 Southfield Close

Most florally attractive display at commercial premises
1st          Barleycorn Inn
2nd         Banks Bistro
3rd          The Crown Inn

Most florally attractive hanging basket at commercial premises
1st          Banks Bistro
2nd         The Crown Inn
3rd          Barleycorn Inn

Children’s Hanging Baskets

1st  23    Bishop’s Waltham Youth Group
2nd 18    Gunner Scouts
3rd    2    Robin Class: BW Infant School
HC  17    Diamond Cubs