Friday 1st February 2019 will be our next quiz night.
Tickets on sale now via our contacts page contact us


This is a major fundraising event for us and we have raised just over £1000 towards our running costs.

Our quizmaster travels from Bognor Regis and his quizzes are unique.  There is always a round to work on throughout the evening. This time it was dingbats.
This year we had rounds about:  Scotland, 2017, What have the Romans ever done for us, Connections, Famous Roberts and Pick a County.  As usual we didn’t have to listen to a string of questions for each round; each team got 2 copies of the question sheet and we were given 8 minutes to answer them between us.  The hall becomes full of whispers at this point!  There is usually one round where you need to listen to music. This year it was Songs from the Musicals

During the interval we serve a Ploughman’s Supper.  This is delivered to each table as a large platter for everyone to help themselves.  Fresh hunks of bread, pâté, cheese, homemade chutney, pickled onions and bowls of fruit accompany the platter.

A raffle was held and there was a selection of handmade fabric cards for sale.  These cards can be personalised for birthdays, ages, new baby, moving house etc. All proceeds from the sale of the cards is for BW in Bloom