Wild flowers

Wild Flowers
We successfully sowed annual wildflower seeds at the top of Tangier Lane in both 2016 and 2017 and this year have tried a mix of annual and perennial seeds.  Unfortunately they were mown by mistake at the end of May, which set them back.  The dry weather did not help, but they are looking very colourful at the end of August.  Photos will follow shortly.

In 2017 we sowed wild flower seed on the small roundabout  on Hoe Road, this time with a mix of annual and perennial seeds, this should require less maintenance than annual seed.  Last year they looked spectacular and we received many compliments. The costs of the seed was sponsored by Bishop’s Waltham Society.
The roundabout has been less colourful this year, though the dry weather may have affected this.

We are using two swathes on the Old Station Roundabout to experiment with wild flowers, with varying success.  We have used perennial mixes here and we will watch the development as the year ends. Plug plants were donated by the Gardening Club and planted in October and 3 varieties of seeds were sown in March, using different suppliers.

Photos of all these areas will follow shortly